July/August Music Favorites

Tyler, The Creator – Foreword

Tyler recently released his anticipated album Flower Boy (really called Scum Fuck Flower Boy, but yeah). If you have known or heard about Tyler pre-Flower Boy, he would be a person known for his antics and a general a wild child, founder of Odd Future. As a person, (just a note in my perspective), and going off of his interviews and what he posts on Twitter, especially 2009-2013, I noticed he spoke with more praise towards a (whiter, cough) demographic, but it has shifted a lot! (yes Tyler, yes!) Again, that was YEARS ago, but this is just a note on his growth as an artist and as a person that Im happy he has grown out of. Also in terms of being an artist/producer, being heavily heavily influenced by Pharrell, his production team with Chad Hugo, The Neptunes, NERD, etc. I felt that Tyler was a creative genius but went too much on the curtails of Pharrell. Like when you admire someone so much you tend to subconsciously imitate them, and I felt that he tried to do that, but being “himself” with his previous projects, but it never hit that point. With this album Tyler has grown as an artist and as a person, solely from listening to interviews and this new album I can see that. This album is what Ive been trying to hear from Tyler, amazing production that is true to him. I chose this song because this is the first song and it is amazing. It features another artist, Rex Orange County, on the vocals, and is a hell of a first song. I must admit I try to get friends and family to take a listen, but like Tyler mentioned on twitter, those in the “Tyler Bubble” may be that target market to listen to this album, and others may miss it because of past actions and music. I totally encourage everyone to listen.

Nicole – Make It Hot

I ran into this song on Spotify and before that, Ive seen Nicole Wray’s album cover on Tumblr a few times because of aesthetics reasons, I mean look at this album art.










It features rapper Mocha, and Missy Elliot, and this is such a Timbaland/Missy beat its ridiculous and ridiculously good.


Lana Del Rey – In My Feelings

Ive said this on my Twitter page, I don’t listen too too much of Lana Del Rey, her music makes me feel low-key sad, gives depression teas, by way of the way she sings and the type of production she tends to use, like muffled depression, no shade. But this song goes. It has a trap beat to it with singing, which I tend to like sometimes. I haven’t yet listened to her entire album, Lust for Life, yet, but thats on my to do list. I first found out about her when she first came out mainstream and iTunes had her song “Born To Die” as one of the free tracks of the day, and I liked it a lot. On this album. she has collaborated a lot with other rappers, so I will see how to works well together. Of course there are no videos of the song on youtube so here is a video of here singing it on acapella, but sample the song here on iTunes or if you have Apple Music you can go ahead and listen.

Jay-Z – Family Feud

We honestly can’t win when the family feuds. This is one of my favorite tracks from 4:44, set off by The Clark Sisters – “Ha Ya” sample as the majority of the song’s instrumental. Jay-Z gave us a really REALLY deep and vulnerable album this year laying out all the details to his infidelity, spiritual and emotional growth and availability to his wife, Beyonce. Also notes not being in the present, I assume mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, with the ones he loves which lead to some unfortunate losses. He also had a hosts of other celebrities such as Kendrick Lamar, Anthony Anderson, Chris Rock, and more, chat it up as being black males and opening up speaking on topics such as ego. One of my favorite twitter followers, RedBeKnowing mentioned this in a periscope about the samples being songs that Jay Z may have been listening to that inspired him, so him listening to The Clark Sisters speaks volumes, especially their song “Hay Ya” which was released back in 1980, which means Eternal Life. Also a video hasn’t been released to this sing (yet), but take a look at one of my fav music critiquing twins at the 17:45 mark of the song. Also this whole video is pretty good.

Erykah Badu – Orange Moon

Okay this song, don’t listen to it at night in your feelings (your emotions are self explanatory) cause babyyyyy…. Im wondering why all of my fav Badu songs have a color in them, Green Eyes, Orange Moon…This song was released on her sophomore album Mama’s Gun. According to Rap Genius, and from my knowledge, Erykah was in a relationship with Common around this time, and Common, along with a number of black music artists, considered themselves as Five Percenters, so the imagery of the Moon and Sun are played in a. number of songs, representing black feminine/masculine love.

21 Savage – Bank Account

I got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Seyum, 8 M’s and Shooters, I honestly have none, but 21 got 8 of em. 21 Savage finally released his album ISSA, which was named after the meme video of VladTV asking 21 what was the cross on his head, and 21 replied “Issa Knife” *cues X-files music*. It honestly became a joke because the imagery of a cross, you know Jesus, Christianity comes to mind, then all of a sudden he’s like, “nah”, Issa knife, as in a knife used to kill, this is the real reason why we thought it was funny, trust me Im explaining it well. I was personally never into 21 Savage like that, like I just now listed to X this week for the first time, but this comes after I watched an interview of him with Genius, making his very own knife.

I found it interesting of him discussing his upbringing, his religion, which is apparently quite common in certain parts of Atlanta, a Yoruba religion called, Ifa, as well as the music he loves. He’s very interested into 90s R&B love ballads at the moments, I found that very cool, it adds a lot of depth to his character.

Daniel Caesar – We Find Love

I discovered this song after seeing a video of him performing Get You ft. Kali Uchis on Tumblr a while ago and ran into his name again on iTunes and instantly fell in love with this soulful interpolation of the gospel song “We Fall Down” by Donnie McClurkin used a a base sample of the song.

Faith Evans – Reasons

This is my favorite Faith Evans song, and its funny I just found out that this track was a hidden track on the CD disc and I was like that was really smart saving the best for last, especially if you decide to stick around.  I love the emphasis on her voice for the song and the beautiful background vocals, such a perfect song.


Until we meet again y’all!

Every time I type y’all instead o naturally saying it I feel like horses, cowboy hats, and square dance boots manifest out of thin air, I promise Im not that country.

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