Music Mix: Brandy

Listen to my new Brandy Essentials soundcloud mix. This mix features some of my favorite Brandy songs spanning her career thus far.

Songs include:

  1. Who Is She To U (Afrodisiac)
  2. It’s Not Worth It (Full Moon)
  3. Angel In Disguise (Never Say Never)
  4. Do You Know What You Have? (Two Eleven)
  5. Focus (Afrodisiac)
  6. Always On My Mind (Brandy)
  7. Sunny Day (Brandy)
  8. I Tried (Afrodisiac)
  9. Almost Doesn’t Count (Never Say Never)
  10. Hardly Breathing (Two Eleven)
  11. Necessary (Afrodisiac)
  12. Scared Of Beautiful (Two Eleven)
  13. When You Touch Me (Full Moon)
  14. Put That On Everything (Never Say Never)
  15. Tomorrow (Never Say Never)

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