Music I’ve Been Listening To

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Aside from the recent passing of Prince who I could write an essay on (whose music you can almost solely listen to by purchasing his albums or if you happen to have Tidal – i do!), here are some music Ive have taken a liking to that I think you should check out! If you haven’t noticed, I love sharing music, aside from discussions/debates about it. Check them out!!!!

  • Kelela – Interlude/Calling Your Bluff (2016)

Though these songs are technically unreleased for Kelela’s upcoming project that I have no exclusivity too :(, BUT these 1:30 second samples make my ears happy! I titled these songs myself as they also have no official titles. After listening to her CUT 4 ME and Hallucinogen projects over and over for the past couple of years, Im very excited for some new music from my favorite alternative R&B artist. Also I highly recommend checking out her other projects as mentioned, as she successfully combines her silky and hauntingly mellow voice with electronica/R&B/house and a perfect mixture of everything in between. Check out “Interlude” at the start of the video and “Bluff” 3:52.


  • Azealia Banks – Slay-Z mixtape (2016)

Probably, and unfortunately, the most hated female rapper of this year, who happens to also be my top female rapper lyrically, yeah..I said it, like #1 female. Azealia dropped this mixtape, not too long ago this year, as some new music to her fans after her album released in 2014, “Broke With Expensive Taste”. This mixtape is said to be the prelude to her next and anticipated mixtape “Fantasea 2” and her sophomore album “Business and Pleasure”, both said to drop between this year and next year. I am an avid fan of hers, and despite what people may not like about her or her comments, many really cannot say anything negative about her music. Face it, her music is great, and she has yet to release a bad song. But, going back to this mixtape, I was going to mention only 1 song, but I decided to change it up a bit, going in the direction of my commentary of Kelela. This whole mixtape (8 songs to be exact), is GREAT. I love everything single song, and couldn’t help to post the entire thing. Check it out! Its a nice mixture of the dance/rap Azealia usually showcases, and also features some traditional grimey rap, and a few R&B tracks, one produced by one of my favorite producers, KAYTRANADA, along with some features by Nina Sky and Rick Ross!


  • St. Beauty – Holographic Lover (2016)

St. Beauty is a duo band/singers apart of one of my favorite singers, Janelle Monae’s “Wondaland” crew/records. I first discovered them when watching Vh1 Soul (now BET Soul), and I initially heard their first commercial debut song, “Going Nowhere”, and really instantly fell in love with everything, from the video cinematography, the music, and their voices, plus they black too? Triple threat. They currently dont’t have too much music out at the moment as they are, I’m assuming, still developing and working on more music. Lucky for me, they released this song produced by another one of my favorites, KITTY CASH, on her Soundcloud. Holographic Lover, giving me another reason to draw my attention to them. Look out for them, as I will be!


  • James Blake – Radio Silence (2016)

I discovered/heard about James Blake hella late, probably a little less than a year, scratch that, I heard him when I was listening to Big KRIT’s song REM, which I discovered immediately after, that it was a sample, which led me to him. I was intrigued by the song that he sampled, but didn’t listen to anything else after that. Until I ran across James Blake again when I discovered his album Overgrown (masterpiece!), on Spotify or something of that sort. That album!!! (listen). But I realized he hadn’t release an album since then and had been waiting avidly for something more recent. Then he dropped his more recent album “The Colour In Anything”, THEN, he had involvement in Beyonce’s LEMONADE. But this track is the 1st track on the album, and Ill tell you, it was a great introduction. Now check out the quiet-storm/trip hoppy/R&B-esqueness of James Blake (not Blunt!)



Now, some throwback jams that are completely random, but I think I have some good taste in music. 

  • DMX – Slippin’ (1998)
  • Tony Toni Tone – Weather 42 (1994)
  • Bobby Womack – That’s The Way I feel About ‘Cha (1971)
  • Donell Jones – Life Goes On (2002) (P.S. he is criminally underrated, just listen to his first 2 albums, trust me)
  • Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance (1989)
  • Funkadelic – Cosmic Slop (1973)

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