My Favorite Songs

  • August Alsina – Hollywood (2015)

I recently listened to August’s “This Thing Called Life” album in its entirety this week and not to be cheesy, but I really do understand/feel the feeling projected throughout all of the songs, which makes this album so good. This is just one of my favorite songs, the perfect transition from “Why I Do It ft. Lil Wayne” into this creates the perfect draw in. This song about the outcome of success and those who you leave behind is very relatable, far past the context of money, which makes it so great.

  • Donell Jones – He Won’t Hurt You (1999)

I had always been a song of Donell’s most famous hit thus far, “Where I Wanna Be”, and lately I had been in search of a really great R&B/Soul album, so I began to preview the 1.5 minute samples on iTunes. Just say that I purchased this album, exactly what I’ve been looking for. A standout track, its catchy melody and hook drew me in.

  • St. Beauty – Going Nowhere (2015)

I heard this song, exactly today, on probably the only respectable music channel, VH1 soul, and immediately fell in love. This band duo (Alex & Isis), which I later discovered is apart of the collective famed by Janelle Monae called Wondaland. The video caught my attention, but the music made me stay, along with downloading it. I’m definitely keeping an ear open for this duo and their future endeavors.

  • Erykah Badu ft. Andre 3000 – Hello (2015)

I had been keeping up with Erykah Badu since she had hosted the most perfect awards show this year, the Soul Train Awards 2015, along with her interviews and promo for her then upcoming mixtape “But You Caint use My Phone”. I remember in an interview about her “surprise” within the album, which was a surprise at that – a verse by the mysterious yet compelling 3 Stacks (Andre 3000). Not only does this verse set the song off, but their duo-esque singing “Don’t Change Squirrel” and its melodic flow made me fall in love with the final track of this mixtape.

  • Hil St. Sol – Sweetest Days (2008)

Another phenomenal artist I discovered on the wonderful VH1 Soul (highly recommend to watch to find great music). Hil St. Sol’s neosoul warm fuzzy feeling “Sweetest Days” was an immediate eye and ear catcher for me. I see that she has been out for some time, so I will definitely check out her previous collective of songs.

  • Travis $cott ft. Toro Y Moi – Flying High (2015)

Another one of many of my favorite tracks from Travis $cott’s long awaited album “Rodeo” featuring one of my favorite artists Toro Y Moi, and produced by one of my all time favorite producers, Pharrell Williams. This song was pretty much made for me. What I love about it is how the song interpolates and switches between the music stylings of Travis and Toro Y Moi and meshes well.

  • Azealia Banks – Soda (2014)

This is more of what I call a song revisit. When you are patiently waiting for your favorite artsist to drop some new music, but instead you have to dwell on their previous works until then. I already stan for Ms. Banks, so I took a re-listen to her debut album, “Broke With Expensive Taste”, and feel in love again with one of my already favorite songs. So I guess ill do back and listen to her previous music until her future release..*sleeps until March 2016*

  • Jazmine Sullivan – Stanley (2015)

Two words: Jazmine Sullivan, one word to describe her comeback and overall album: PHENOMENAL. Definitely one of my favorite albums of this year. This album is one of those rare moments when you can listen to an album front to back, in its entirety. Jazmine delivers a what should be in my opinion, an R&B/Pop crossover hit (you know what I’m saying?). The song “Stanly” makes me envision a The Supremes-esque (I like that word) video in sparkles full of movement. This should be a #1 worldwide hit!

  • Lil Wayne ft. Bobby Valentino (2008)

Again, I was revisiting lil Wayne at his height, when he drop Tha Carter III, I still remember the hysteria, I mean he went platinum in 1 week! But this was one of my favorite songs from the album, where he perfectly blends the soulful melodies of the underrated imo singer, Bobby Valentino. A perfect song to drive down the highway at sunset with the windows down. Make sure you’re not stopped by an officer tho.

  • Frank Ocean – Songs For Women (2011)

Frank? Where are you? I saw you in a picture on a boat? What you doing Frank? Im stuck listening to your mixtape and only album Frank? Why are you doing this to me? Okay, I miss Frank Ocean, one of my favorite newer R&B artists. I took another revisit and received a reminder of why exactly I love this song so much.

Until then…


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