Music Review:BlacKKKBoys “3Songs”

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What began as an agreement about the geniusness of Kelis’s sophomore album “Wanderland”, led to a new discovery of a rap trio BlacKKKBoys of a collective known as Nobody Really Knows.

The group released a trio of songs on Soundcloud with what I hear of are influences of Tyler the Creator/Odd Future structure wise and production similarities of Eric “The Architect” Elliot of Flatbush Zombies. I was almost correct as one of the members, Tyler Major ,mentioned of influences from The Neptunes along with Odd Future.

The first song is “Boys”, the introduction gives a glimpse into the unique rap styles of each member. It slightly gives me undertones of Kanye Wests “New Slaves” from Yeezus production wise, almost generally within the 3 song EP because of the computer heavy beats. I would like to see this song production wise developed a little bit more, a little bit more depth, but I do enjoy its alternative trap production along with the layered cohesive verses each member delivers.

Going with what I mentioned about development. I think the group improves with that message within this song, like a picture with more perspective within it. This is one of my favorite songs within the EP. The hook (chorus) creates something that is well developed and tenacious, and how the beat builds up makes me wish this song was longer.

I tend to speak a lot about the production, but this song is where the their talent of rap, lyric ability, and structure really shines, along with the production of course. I really enjoyed the laid back vibe, especially given by the mellow aspect of singing to rapping switch approach. This is a more “catchy” song in my opinion because of its implemation of a verse, hook, and bridge

Some high notes is that I really enjoyed this tape because of its aspect experimentation and exploration. As mentioned, the first song needs a little but more development and expounding upon along with the production volume not overshadowing the rappers such as in the second song, but I begin to see that silver lining within each progressing song. I see A LOT of potential production wise specifically within the last two songs, lyric wise within each song, and its “it” factor, or that glimpse of the next level approaching within the last song. Overall, I throughly enjoyed this peek into the collective and will definitely be looking out for future music!


Make sure you check out more music for the group/collective!

BlacKKKBoys is @TylerMajor, @PyramidVritra & @JayCueNRK
Produced/Written by BlacKKKBoys
Mixed/Mastered by Phadedvision


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