Favorite Songs/Albums/Artists of the Week


A long break it has been, but I am back to broadcast some of my favorite music/music artists at the moment. I encourage everyone to take a listen and maybe make a discovery of their own. Trust me, I have really great taste in music.

1. Kelela – All The Way Down & The High Hallucinogen EP (2015)

She is now one of my favorite alternative R&B artists (which is an emerging genre). Her most recent EP Hallucinogen gets an A+ all the way through!

2. Janet Jackson – Black Eagle & Night Unbreakable (2015)

I recently went to her concert when she came through Memphis. All I can say is that it renewed my fan status.

4. Flatbush Zombies – 222, Palm Trees, & Regular & Complex BetterOffDEAD (2013)

I recently found out about this group, though I heard about them earlier, but the most recent TIDAL X concert stream prompted me to take a listen to the music they performed.

5. Adele – Hello 25 (2015)

Adele is finally coming back with a new album that I am thoroughly excited for. I told my self I wasn’t going to buy this song because I believe that she is overrated, but guess what? I am missing $1.29 that somehow shown up on iTunes.

6. Cree Summer – Deliciously Down & Miss Moon Street Faerie (1999)

Cree has become a catalyst for my new likening of Rock & Roll by intertwining Rock, Soul, and Folk.

7. Kid Cudi – Too Bad I Have To Destroy You Now SATELLITE FLIGHT: The Journey to Mother Moon (2014)

8. Jazmine Sullivan – Veins & Silver Lining Reality Show (2015)

This is why I feel that Adele is overrated, because this singer here is slightly better and very much equivalent lyric wise. Why isnt she so big, hmmmm?

Recommendation Album: Kanye West Yeezus (2013)

Im pretty sure most of you took a listen when your problematic fav Kanye released this in 2013. When I did, I took a thorough listen and thought it was trash. basura. People kept telling me (I also believed myself) that maybe its just ahead of its time and that I would take a likening to it later in life. Nowadays, trap music is very heavy and very popular in the hip hop scene, and not saying that Kanye invented it (definitely not) but he created a trap/computer heavy concept album in 2013 when it wasn’t so popular that would be held as greatness if released today. So take that re-listen. I promise you will change you mind.


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